Baciccia Making Class: the typical Ligurian bread


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The Italian food tradition has a lot of bread types, but have you ever heard about the Ligurian Baciccia? Find more about this typical bread from the Ligurian Coast and learn with us how to prepare it!

If you have been travelling around Italy so far, you might have had the chance to taste different kinds of Italian bread: focaccia, schiacciata, pinsa, these are just some examples of the great variety locally produced in the Italian peninsula. How about sweet ones? During our Baciccia Making Class, you will indeed learn how to prepare the typical Genoese sweet bread! Baciccia is a bread whose flavour is characterized by the taste of raisins, pine nuts, candied fruit and natural flavors. Traditionally, the Baciccia is also called the sailor's bread, as it was sailors used to consume it during their sea voyages. It may somehow resemble the classic Christmas dessert of panettone, but unlike the latter, Baciccia is eaten throughout the year, and not on a particular occasion.

What makes the Baciccia a unique and delicious food is how its dough is processed: it can be either a sweet bread-like dough and a slightly raised hill shape or a lower one resembling a soft shortbread cookie. If you are particularly keen on Italian cuisine and want to learn how to make the tasty traditional food of the Italian culture, come and join us in our Baciccia Making Class!

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