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• Museo di San Marco Entrance ticket (no guided tour - only entrance ticket) • Free time to visit the Museum on your own • Helpline with local staff

Full Description

Visit Museo di San Marco discover its frescoes and Beato Angelico works.

Has been declared as national importance museum in 1869, Museo di San Marco in Florence is a masterpiece of architecture by Michelozzo and desired by Cosimo dei Medici. It housed Savonarola, who made it its headquarters and preserves nowadays the biggest collection in the world of Beato Angelico works, who also lived for few years in the monastery.

Il Museo di San Marco hosts some of the most interesting collection and piece of art of Florence, as well as the rest of the demolition, occurred in the 19th century in the museum of ancient Florence.

The Florentine Museum of San Marco is the oldest part of an ancient Dominican monastery and houses the largest collection in the world of the works of Fra Angelico (Beato Angelico), who lived here for several years.

The convent of San Marco is a masterpiece built by Michelozzo by the word of Cosimo de’ Medici and it was the house of Fra Girolamo Savonarola, who made it his headquarters. It was declared a museum of national importance in 1869. The beautiful spaces that now house the museum are located next to San Marco Church and to the rooms adjacent to the cloister, still used as a monastery.

What do we find there?

The Museum of San Marco is home to some of the most interesting collections and works of the city of Florence, including the collections moved here from the Museum of Ancient Florence, after the demolition made in the 19th century. The visit to San Marco includes the beautiful cells, the Cloister of St. Anthony, the Refectory the Chapter Hall and the Last Supper Hall.

The best masterpieces of the Museum of San Marco are the artworks by Fra Angelico,

  • The world-famous Annunciation, a masterpiece of Renaissance painting.
  • The Deposition of Christ,
  • The San Pietro Martire Triptych,
  • The Annalena Altarpiece,
  • The Last Judgement (1431),
  • The San Marco Altarpiece,
  • The Madonna and Child
  • The Tabernacle of the Linaioli.

There are more from the collection of the museum of San Marco .Its fabulous Library (1437-1444) which houses priceless manuscripts belonged to the Medici family and to personalities such as Pico Della Mirandola and Agnolo Poliziano.

San Marco Museum also features a large number of other artworks of priceless historical and artistic value, such as The Last Supper (Ultima Cena) by Ghirlandaio,

  • The Madonna della Cintola by Ridolfo del Ghirlandaio,
  • The Madonna and Child by Paolo Uccello,
  • The famous portrait of Girolamo Savonarola, and several glazed terracottas made by the Della Robbia school.

The church of San Marco, adjacent to the Museum, is very charming as well. Several centuries ago, there a famous bell attributed to Verrocchio, called by the Florentines la Piagnona (the crybaby).

The story of the bell is intertwined with that of Fra Savonarola: it was accused of playing an alarm during the arrest of the friar, so it was punished with exile in the church of San Salvatore al Monte, where never rang more! In 2000 it was moved back to the monastery of San Marco.

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• Please be aware that €3,00 per pax have been added to the Entrance ticket price as management, booking and assistance rights. • Please note that Children 0-18 are free of charge, and will only pay reservation fee only with a valid ID and accompanied by an adult. No refund will be given if you do not accomplish the requirements. • Please note that Students 19-25 have a reduced fee, only with a valid ID. No refund will be given if you do not accomplish the requirements. • Please make sure to check your inbox as confirmation voucher to exchange with entrance tickets will be sent only via e-mail. • Please be aware that entrance time can be subject to Museum availability - for this reason this will be confirmed once booking is done. If the selected time is fully booked, you will be contacted and another entrance time will be offered. Otherwise you will get full refund.

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