Italian Beef and Tiramisu Cooking Class

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Are you ready for the most intriguing Italian cooking class ever had? You are welcome in the Florence city center to discover the secrets of the real Italian food revealed by a chef.

The True Tuscan Beef Italian Cooking Class

When it comes to food, Italy is the place to visit. No matter if you are a beginner or if you are an experienced cook, willing to prepare your next menu. Italy, and more specifically Tuscany, can offer you a wide range of opportunities regarding learning how to become a master chef. Join us in the heart of Florence to take part in an original cooking class that will make you able to prepare a full Italian meal. We will start from the basics, learning about quality raw food and how to maintain its sweetness and vital liquids. Then we will go deeper into recipes, like that of meat tartare, florentine steak, grilled vegetables, and worldly-appreciated tiramisu.

What you will get with this Italian Cooking Class

Stop making it difficult. There are different kinds of meals being part of the Italian cooking tradition. In the beginning, you don’t need to start from the pasta making class. Learning what is the Italian approach towards flavor is essential. Italian cooking is not just about learning how to execute recipes. It is a mental approach that leads us to use our senses to get in touch with fats, spices, raw meats, and vegetables. At the beginning, in order to warm up, you will be served a glass of wine and a Tuscan typical starter. The lesson will start with a proper introduction to the Italian most famous breed of cattle.

What does Chianina mean?

The Chianina Beef, alongside the Piemontese, is without any doubt one of the best Italian beef varieties to be grilled. We will start describing the Chianina, the big white cow, a special breed of cattle that have been selected during centuries for its resistance during plowing and work in the countryside. Due to this particular history, the Chianina breed developed a huge muscle mass, that later defined its culinary success. Defended and promoted by a specific Protection Consortium (Consorzio di Tutela del Vitellone Bianco dell’Appennino Centrale), the Florentine steak made mandatorily with Chianina beef is low-fat meat, rich in flavors. In this cooking class, you will be introduced to the different cuts, being aware of the differences between steaks, Florentine bone steaks, t-bone steaks, and how cultural habits reflect on the preparation and the grilling phase.

Take part in a unique Florentine Beef Experience 

First, you’ll learn how to prepare the famous meat tartare, dicing it properly with a knife. At the end, you’ll gain your Meat Cutter Diploma that you’ll be able to frame and show proudly back at home. Then, you’ll be trained to the Florentine bone-steak preparation, involving marinade, cutting, seasoning, and serving. Then it will come the time for grilled seasonal vegetables, how to cook them preserving their nutritional properties and what is the best dressing.

The original Tiramisu Recipe and two special gifts

This special Italian cooking class will finish with the original tiramisu recipe. Tiramisu is one of the most famous icy Italian desserts, appreciated worldwide by kids and adults. Even if its ingredients are few and the preparation process may seem to be simple, the secret of this genuine Italian dessert relies on the traditional gestures and knowledge stored by the Italian nonnas (Italian grandmothers).

Finally, you will be invited to sit down and relax, tasting the Florentine steak and the grilled vegetables you have prepared, alongside a glass of good Chianti red wine. As a gift, in addition to the diploma, you will receive a trendy apron and a chef's bandana.

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