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Full Description

Discover with ease the enchanting trails of Boboli, the traditional-style Italian garden. Take part in a journey into the life of Medici nobles at court. Pitti Palace, Bardini Gardens and Ceramic Museum tickets included.

Boboli Gardens Florence things to do

Follow us on a trip behind Palazzo Pitti. Here you’ll find the wonderful Boboli Gardens, the largest monumental green area in the city of Florence.  Imagine this place as an open-air theater that served as the stage for the first operas ever staged in human history.


Why visit the Boboli Gardens?

If you are asking yourself what are the best things to do in Florence, Boboli Gardens are without any doubt on the Top 10 of the visits that can’t be missed. You won’t find a similar place in any other European country. When you enter this park you can feel that time has stopped and we can immerse yourself in a wonderful scenario, built by nobles for their delight and amusement. Everything has been protected for centuries so that now we can enter Boboli gardens and feel a bit of that atmosphere. An environment built to recreate the original harmony, merging natural elements and human touch, site-specific traits (the ancient quarry above which the gardens have been built) and art.


A taste of Reinassance and the power of the Medici Family

Boboli gardens offer a sum of the Italian Renaissance style regarding garden design and monumental sculpture. Here your eyes will be captured by the flow of the lines and the geometric motifs that create a bridge between humans and nature. Your ears will be gently cradled by the artificial waterfalls and the sound of birds. Above all Reinassance means balance and equilibrium. These gardens create a bridge between the internal and external areas, offering different environments where you can have a look at the city of Florence. Like the hidden terraces offering a unique view of the Cupolone of Santa Maria del Fiore and the old town center.

The Medici family and the story of the Boboli Gardens in Florence

Even if the Boboli Gardens has been opened to the public only in 1766, the story of this place dates back to the initial period of the Medici, masters of Florence for more than three centuries since 1434.

In 1550 the Medici family changed their main residence and moved to Pitti Palace. Alongside the palace, they wanted more than the inner courtyard, designed by Bartolomeo Ammannati. So they decided to buy the fields and the hills, once utilized as old quarries, connecting Palazzo Pitti with the Belvedere Fortress. In this way between 1500 and 1700, the Boboli Garden was realized.


What you will see inside the Boboli gardens

Buying this tour you will get the entrance ticket to Boboli Gardens and access the gardens with no need to wait. This is a tour where you will have to explore the whole site on your own. This tour does not involve commentary during the exploration of Boboli Gardens.

The Boboli Garden can offer two main paths:

The first route you will see

  • A nymphaeum
  • The theater
  • The fountain of Neptune
  • The statue of the goddess Fortuna

The second route contains

  • The zigzag path
  • Spectacular caves

It also has large fountains and caves, among them the splendid Buontalenti grotto built by the artist, architect and sculptor Bernardo Buontalenti between 1536 and 1608.

Additional famous things to see in the Boboli Gardens are:

  • Neptune's Fishpond, Buontalenti's Grotto (1583)
  • The Amphitheater with the Roman basin and the Egyptian obelisk at the center
  • The many statues in the Grand Duke's Casino, made by Giambologna and Tacca (1563)
  • The Cavalier's Garden, Parigi's Fountain of the Ocean



Why the Boboli Gardens are a UNESCO site?

There is a big reason why Boboli Garden is so famous and among the top destinations for tourists in Florence. This unique area has been protected by UNESCO as World Heritage Site for years.

How to visit the Boboli Gardens?

Buying this ticket you can enter there with ease. Visiting those gardens can be the occasion to enter also the Pitti Palace, as the entrance ticket is included, as long as the entrance to the Porcelain Museum and the Bardini Gardens.

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Additional Information

• Please be aware that management, booking and assistance rights have been added to the Entrance ticket price. • Please note that Children 0-18 are free of charge, and will only pay reservation fee only with a valid ID and accompanied by an adult. No refund will be given if you do not accomplish the requirements. • Please make sure to check your inbox as confirmation voucher to exchange with entrance tickets will be sent only via e-mail. • Please be aware that entrance time can be subject to Museum availability - for this reason this will be confirmed once booking is done. If the selected time is fully booked, you will be contacted and another entrance time will be offered. Otherwise you will get full refund. • This ticket will give you the access also to Bardini Garden located in Costa San Giorgio 2, 50125 Firenze. This is included only showing the Boboli Garden Ticket.

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