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Full Description

Are you looking for arthistory and local flavors? Come and join us on this guided tour down the slopes of Mount Vesuvius to the Pompeii ruins. We'll visit deeply the archeological park and discover how winemaking is important here.

When in Sorrento, this is the best way to spend a lovely time, combining two things: culture and food! Sometimes it is not possible to discover new places without trying local dishes. Food and wine are definitely two important things if you spend time in Italy! 

Pompeii: history and tradition

Join a tour of Pompeii historic site, try local food and taste Campania wine. This could be the best way to spend your time in this amazing region.  This tour gives the opportunity to know everything about nature, history, culture and food of Pompeii.  
You will be accompanied by an expert team for all day. Start the tour with a walking tour with a certified guide and finish it with a wine tasting led by an expert in wine production.   

As is well known, Pompeii has a strong story. It was born in VI-V centuries B.C.  as a small village at the base of the Vesuvius volcano. It became more and more important in Roman times. Pompeii urban structure displayed clear Roman elements and today it is still preserved. In the past, Pompeii had an important role because of its geographical position, its cultural tradition and the city structure itself. Pompeii was full of Roman buildings, Roman theatres, villas, tavernas, and other Roman elements.

What happened to the beautiful village of Pompeii?

In the first century A.C. in Pompeii the Mount Vesuvius volcano erupted and all the city of Pompeii was destroyed, everything was covered by ash and lapilli.  People, houses and all things were completely covered. Pompeii and Ercolano villages were two of the most damaged village by the volcano eruption. More than a thousand years later, some of Ercolano ruins were accidentally found, for this reason people started to dig through the ash and the ground to bring back to light the ancient city of Pompeii. Pompeii discovery had been a strenuous activity, but many archeologists came to bring back to life Pompeii and so they succeeded!

Nowadays, thanks to a long excavation process, people can visit Pompeii, one of the jewels of Southern Italy. Pompeii keeps its own structure. Walking around the village you are able to experience Pompeii daily life before the eruption. It seems that time stopped at the moment of the eruption, everything is still there and it is possible to understand people's daily life.

A tour combining history and wine
Pompeii has a long history but also a rich wine tradition, especially red wine! One of the most famous red one of this region named Lacryma Christi, also known as Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio. Discovering Pompeii, it is possible to admire several vineyards surrounding the city.  If you are a wine lover, Pompeii is the best place to spend a beautiful wine tour. No matter the season, it is always time to visit Pompeii, walk along the slopes of the volcano and drink a glass of good wine.  

Pompeii is not a big village but it is full of monuments, buildings and thing to see. For this reason, if you want to know more about the ancient city and Pompeii citizens’ daily life, you can’t miss this tour. You'll join a 2 hours walking tour with a local guide that will show you the main Pompeii ruins. The tour will continue towards the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, where a picturesque property was found.  

No place can be really known if you don’t taste its traditional dishes! You’ll taste some of the traditional Campania dishes with a special wine tasting. Going through vineyards, you’ll reach a winery where you’ll have a delicious lunch made with typical products. During lunch you’ll have the opportunity to taste some of the most famous Campania wines. A wine expert will give you all the tips on how to drink wine and what to know about Italian wines. It will be an experience made by typical colors, aromas and flavors of Southern Italy.

Pompeii wine: a long-lasting production 

It is interesting to know that Pompeii has always been famous because of its wine production. Since Roman times, Pompeii was greatly appreciated for its wines. Going around Pompeii archeological area and observing which was Pompeii citizens’ daily life, it is remarkable to find how much wine was important in that period. It is well known that Pompeii has really ancient vineyards, so could be worthwhile to understand how Pompeii changed its wine production during the time. Going across Pompeii vineyards you could also understand which is the role of the wine in Italian people's daily life and how this long-lasting tradition has changed from the past to the present! 


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• Please note that there can be changes to the itinerary due to traffic, special events, weather etc. • It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes for the tour.

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