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Why visit Vicenza?

Elegant and majestic, Vicenza is renowned for its Palladian architecture, which also inspired the White House in Washington. Andrea Palladio finds himself in the very profile of the city, because here his genius left a square, a theater, some villas and a basilica. Vicenza offers some of the most beautiful squares in all of Italy, with Piazza dei Signori worth a visit. Stopping to eat is always an important moment to get to know the traditions of Vicenza, tasting dishes such as risi e bisi, supa maridada, supa de tripe and figà alla visentina.

What to visit starting from Vicenza

If you are in Vicenza you cannot miss the e-bike tour on the Berici Hills, with oil and wine tasting, visits to villas, vineyards and oil mills. Or a day tour on the Prosecco hills, a UNESCO heritage site. It starts from Conegliano, between arcades and Renaissance windows, we enter the city of Prosecco to learn about the oldest winemaking school in Italy. In the afternoon, visit the vineyards in Cartizze, to discover the secrets of the most sought-after perlage. Lovers of red, and in particular of Amarone, can instead opt for the Relax tour between Amarone and Terme, which includes a guided tour of the hills of Valpolicella, with lunch and thermal baths.

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Did you know that Romeo and Juliet were born in Vicenza? Shakespeare inspired his tragedy to a story by the Vicenza writer Luigi Da Porto.

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