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Why should you visit Marsala?

In terms of natural wonders, it is unrivalled! Marsala lies directly on the sea, opposite Favignana and the Egadi Islands. Marsala stands on ruins that once belonged to ancient Punic cities, so many attractions have a truly incredible historical and cultural value.

What should you visit in Marsala ?

The Duomo, or Mother Church, is an imposing building dating back to 1176. The church contains Baroque artefacts and treasures from the past, including paintings and fascinating gold and silver liturgical objects. The tufo stones turn yellow and orange around sunset, making for an incomparable visual spectacle. The heart of town life is Piazza della Repubblica, known as 'the living room of Marsala'. It is the ideal starting point for an enchanting stroll through the centre, with its bars, small shops and various commercial activities. 

What should you visit nearby Marsala?

Marsala could be a 'base' for visiting its nearby cities. It is located in the province of Trapani, so this city should not be missing from your list. Trapani is one of the most beautiful cities in Sicily, with its tradition and suggestive views. Our tours will make you fall in love with this city. 

Curiosities about Marsala

Marsala is the largest wine-producing centre in Sicily, boasting a long-standing tradition. Legend has it that in 1773 the ship on which the English merchant John Woodhouse was travelling made an unscheduled stop in the port of Marsala and tasted the so-called 

'Perpetuum'. It was a local wine, which he liked so much that he thought of importing it into his own country. He had brandy added to it to increase its alcohol content and prevent it from deteriorating during the long voyage. 

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