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Why should you visit Herculaneum?

Herculaneum was one of the favorite destinations of the Roman aristocracy and there must have been a reason why. Just think of the beauty of the coast on which the city stands!

Nowadays it is possible to visit the houses which permit you to have a general idea about how the inhabitants used to live and their costumes and traditions, before the catastrophe of Mt Vesuvius.

What should you visit in Herculaneum?

As the historical event of Mount Vesuvius’s eruption marks an important turning point of Southern Italy, one of the activities you must do in Herculaneum is visiting the excavations of the ancient city. How to figure out what kind of inhabitants were the Herculaneans? Let’s figure it out by seeing how they used to live and learning about their daily activities.

What should you visit nearby Herculaneum?

From Herculaneum you can easily move to Pompeii, the other fundamental city which was also wiped out by Mt Vesuvius’s eruption.

In terms of size, Pompeii is much larger than Herculaneum and many more artifacts stemming from its past.

It takes less than 20 minutes by subway to reach this ancient city.

Curiosities about Herculaneum

A large part of Herculaneum was brought back to light only in the 18th century, when a digger of wells excavated the area, discovering buildings like churches and houses, in addition to roads and important artifacts which had fortunately been preserved over time.

The ruins of Herculaneum have officially been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.

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