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Why visit Vernazza?

When you hear about 5 Terre, it is easy to refer to Vernazza. This small seaside village fortified over the centuries by the Genoese preserves the typical features of the area. Small streets, winding alleys, tall houses colored in red, yellow, pink, with a double entrance, front and back. Moving among small churches, shops and museums, in Vernazza you can savor some dishes of the local gastronomic tradition, among all the tian, the Vernazza-style pan with potatoes and anchovies.

What to visit starting from Vernazza

Some exciting boat excursions depart from the small port of Vernazza. myTour recommends the Cinque Terre Cruise, with drinks included: we will get on a boat, exploring the most secret coast, diving into small beaches, mysterious caves and coves. We will see Corniglia from below, but also Manarola and Riomaggiore, photographing their profile from the sea.

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Did you know that Vernazza for many centuries was the only fishing village in the Cinque Terre with a marina?

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