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Why visit Sorrento?

Welcome to Sorrento, the country where it seems to live inside a postcard. The colorful houses perched along the coast, the imposing stacks in the middle of the sea, the scent of citrus fruits and the Sorrento-style dumplings peeping out. Sorrento can be seen on foot, marveling at every turn of the corner for the discovery of a new panoramic view. 

What to visit in Sorrento

myTour has prepared an exclusive cooking class for you, which takes you to the house of a housewife to learn the secrets of local cuisine. You will learn how to make fresh pasta, Sorrento sauce, eggplant parmigiana and a surprise dessert. The level of difficulty rises with two other cooking classes in Sorrento: the one to learn how to cook three courses designed by a professional chef and the one related to Neapolitan pizza.

What to visit starting from Sorrento

From Sorrento it is easy to reach Pompeii and Herculaneum by van, the islands of Capri and Ischia by boat. myTour has prepared for you different types of cruises, to enjoy the jewels of the Gulf of Naples in complete comfort. If you are in these parts you cannot also miss the tour of Amalfi, Positano and Ravello, traveling on the panoramic view of the Amalfi coast in our mini-van.

Discover Sorrento’s curiosities with our tours!

Did you know that Sorrento got its name from the legend of a beautiful girl named Sirentum, daughter of a farmer and a mermaid, who became queen? During our tours, thanks to the experience of the guides, you will learn more about this and other curiosities related to Sorrento.

And remember, with myTour in Italy your holidays have an edge!

Choose a tour in Sorrento or from Sorrento and enjoy the best of the region!

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