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Why visit Ostuni?

Among the jewels of the Itria Valley, Ostuni awaits you with its brilliant profile. A town that asks you to make a little effort to walk - it develops vertically, but which knows how to repay the visitor with exciting views and a very characteristic atmosphere. Ostuni is worth visiting for its Romanesque Cathedral, the narrow streets and the many cafes that offer aperitifs. Entering the alleys you will feel the scent of traditional Apulian cuisine, which manages to mix like few ingredients from land and sea.

What to visit in Ostuni

myTour takes you to discover the medieval historic center of Ostuni with a walking tour. Narrow streets, steep stairways, courtyards and squares full of life, among flowers, decorations and artisan workshops. You will visit churches and palaces, the 15th century Cathedral, with its imposing 24-spoke rose window, the Museum of the pre-classical civilizations of the Southern Murgia, the Bishop's Palace, the Episcopal Palace with the masterpieces of the Diocesan Museum. Finally, in the final part, this tour includes a panoramic itinerary on the Itria Valley, to discover the countryside around Ostuni. Among farms, farmhouses and luxury resorts, we will be at Masseria Santa Caterina with the high octagonal tower and fortifications and at Masseria Cappuccini, to see the characteristic trulli.

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Do you know where the white color of the houses in Ostuni comes from? During its centuries-old history the city was hit by several plague epidemics. It was believed that lime was an effective disinfectant and in Ostuni it was imposed to cover the house with a layer of lime.

If you want to learn more about this and other curiosities about Ostuni, leave with myTour in Italy! You can ask what you want to our guides.

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