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Why visit Como?

Perhaps not everyone is aware of this, but Como is a city whose main industrial activity is based on silk production. The unquestionable and internationally widespread fame of Como silk fabrics is due to their refinement and quality. It is therefore possible to visit several museums dedicated to the silk industry.

On the other hand, if you want to immerse yourself in nature, sail on the waters of the magnificent Lake Como, explore gardens of a thousand colors, then don't hesitate - Como is waiting for you!

What to visit in Como?

Surely you have happened at least once to admire the breathtaking view from a terrace overlooking a lake, while watching a movie set in a scenario where nature predominates over the landscape. But what would you do if I told you that that same scenery, those trees and waters, are right here on Lake Como?

In fact, you can identify with that same setting and feel the same emotions as the protagonists. Pack your things and come experience the thrill of natural beauty that only the Lario can offer you.

Curiosities about Como

Como is home to the oldest flying club, the "Aero Club Como," founded in 1913, a European school that offers the opportunity for all who attend to obtain a seaplane pilot's license!

Another curiosity that few people know is that Como was the city that witnessed the blossoming of the loves of famous composers and writers, such as Vincenzo Bellini and Ugo Foscolo, remembered by Italians for their talents and studied to this day among school desks by students.

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