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Why visit Assisi?

Assisi is located 400 meters high, on a spur of Mount Subasio and can be seen coming from afar. A holiday in these parts is a journey dedicated to history, landscape and spirituality. Assisi can be visited on foot: climbing on stone streets that cross countless alleys, you finally reach the Basilica of San Francesco, located at the top of the town. Not far from here, in the holm oak woods of Mount Subasio, the saint used to retire to meditate and pray. 

What to visit in Assisi?

To get into the local spirit, myTour invites you to visit some gastronomic workshops where you can participate in some special cooking lessons. Try the cooking class on the cake al testo, where you learn the secrets of the dough and cooking of the Umbrian crescia. The cooking class is also very interesting to learn how to make fresh pasta according to the local tradition.

What to visit starting from Assisi?

For all those interested in wine, myTour recommends a horse-drawn carriage ride through the vineyards. It is an exciting tour, in where to steal the secrets of organic viticulture in the Assisi valley, with a final tasting of biodynamic wines. For those who want to move more, here is the excursion to the summit of Mount Subasio with a picnic, which also passes by the Eremo delle Carceri in the San Francesco wood.

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Did you know that the hill on which Assisi is built was once called the Colle dell'Inferno? Here, in fact, those sentenced to death were buried. Subsequently, after the laying of the first stone of the Basilica of San Francesco, this became the Colle del Paradiso.

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