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Where to park in Siena Italy? Paid Parking

Where to park in Siena Italy? Paid Parking

Sep 21, 2022

Paid Parking

  • Il Campo

It is open 24 hours and costs 2 euros per hour (2018 rate), while the daily rate amounts to 35 euros (2018 rate).

  • Il Duomo

Open 24 hours a day, € 2 per hour and a daily rate of around € 35.

  • Santa Caterina

It is open 24 hours, every hour you spend 2 euros and instead the daily rate is 35 euros.

  • San Francesco

The service is covered 24 hours a day, an hourly rate which amounts to 2 euros and the daily rate which does not exceed 35 euros.

  • Fortezza-Stadio

Obviously the car park is open 24 hours a day, the hourly rate is 2 euros and the daily rate does not exceed 26 euros. As mentioned, during the day of the Palio, there is a discount on the daily rate and the cost is only 20 euros.

There is also a free part where the buses stop.

  • Railway station

This car park is also open 24 hours, with an hourly rate of 0.50 euros and 2 euros beyond the second hour and for the whole day.

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