What to visit at Amalfi Coast | Things to do

What to visit at Amalfi Coast | Things to do

Aug 12, 2020

The Amalfi coast is one of the top tourist destinations in the whole of Italy and counts thousands of tourists annually.

If you have chosen to visit the Amalfi coast you are going to enjoy it – this region has some picture-perfect towns full of multi-colored houses such as Positano, Praiano, and Amalfi itself. Furthermore, there are some absolutely fantastic beaches, coastal walks and mountainside villas. Besides the coastal towns and mountains, the Amalfi Coast also offers interesting Islands such as Capri and Sirenusas that are near and easy to explore.

Amalfi town

Amalfi is the center of this region and mostly, you will find it full of tourists. Amalfi town is actually the largest settlement here, and it also has its own cathedral. The cathedral, along with Piazza del Duomo is one of the main attractions and places to visit while you are in Amalfi.

If sight-seeing is not your thing, you can head on down to the promenade, browse through the shops and take a walk along the beach.

Terrace of Infinity in Ravello

If Amalfi Coast is in your bucket list, then you must have head to Ravello. This town is located on the top of the mountains in-between Amalfi and Maiori and is less crowded and you can feel relaxed, different from the other busy tourist locations. Once in Ravello, you will see that there are plenty of restaurants with outdoor terraces that provide a romantic setting for an evening meal, and the Piazza Centrale is worth a visit to see the Cathedral and the Ravello Art Gallery.


Positano is considered to be one of the most picturesque and beautiful towns on the Amalfi coast and you will understand why when you look at the beautiful colored houses that lie the mountainside.

This town hugs the mountainside and is a typical Amalfi scene – the houses are staggered on the Cliffside and the road leading through Praiano winds back and forth until reaching the small harbour.

Sorrento Town

Sorrento is a town on the northern arm of the Amalfi Coast and is renowned for its beautiful scenery and its range of gorgeous buildings and coastal walks.

In terms of economy, Sorrento relies heavily on tourism, but it is also known for its production of Limoncello.

The cathedral of Sorrento is a beautiful structure that was first built in the 11th century – this is definitely worth a visit.

Furthermore, Sorrento has two gorgeous ports full of fishing and sailing boats and a series of public parks.

If you are interested in history, the town also features the Correale Museum and the Museo della Tarsia Lignea – both of which provide some fascinating artefacts and displays.

Sorrento really is a gem on the Amalfi coast and a trip to this region would not be complete without a stop off at this historic town.

Island of Capri

Capri is a truly magical place and one of the most popular destinations on the Amalfi Coast. Consider taking a boat trip from Positano to explore this magical place and ensure you stay through until the evening.

At night, Capri has a vibrant nightlife and the main square has a handful of bustling bars and a superb atmosphere.

Salerno Historic Center

This town has a wonderful mix of old and new – you can wander the streets of the Centro Storico and see some beautiful architecture, but you can then head into the downtown area and enjoy a night out in a range of pubs, clubs and bars.

Salerno also has some beautiful beaches and a gorgeous harbor and port.


If you love pasta, you will love Minori! Minori, also called the “City of Flavour” is today a UNESCO site and a must-visit while on the Amalfi coast.

Something about its narrow alleys and old buildings, especially the 1st Century Roman Villa called the Convent of San Nicola (XI) will take you back in time (in an instant).

Fiordo di Furore

If you want a quick escape from the maddening crowds, head to Fiordo di Furore, the only fjord in Italy.

This is probably the most photographed beach that is typically quiet and absolutely stunning! While not the easiest place to get to (think steep stairs), it’s definitely worth the effort.

Emerald Cave

The Emerald Cave is a natural phenomenon that is famous all around Italy.

You will find this cave in-between Amalfi and Praiano, it is one of the few caves in the world that is bathed in natural emerald light. The effect is amazing and the color of the water and the cave itself are gorgeous.

You will have to get to the cave via an elevator on the SS163 route and then you can climb on one of the boats for a guided tour of this superb natural subterranean environment.

Where to do the best photos in Amalfi Coast for your memories and your social media

  • Spiaggia Grande in Positano
  • The staircase at the Duomo in Amalfi
  • Villa Cimbrone in Ravello
  • The Fjords in Furore
  • The Beach in Atrani
  • The Colorful Coastal Fruit


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