What to do in Milan, Italy?

What to do in Milan, Italy?

Oct 28, 2022

What to do in Milan Italy?

If you are planning to visit Italy, you should consider visiting Milan! Milan has plenty of interesting activities and landmarks you can see and myTour in Italy has plenty of tours that you can book in Milan. You can book our grand tour of Milan which will include seeing Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, one of da Vinci’s greatest masterpieces, while also getting a half-day tour of Milan which includes visiting sites like the Sforza Castle and the Milan Cathedral or book a full day trip to Cinque Terre straight from Milan! Some other fun activities you can book from us include a trip to the La Scala Theatre where you’ll get a guided tour of the museum rooms located in the theater and if you want to try the Milan cuisine you can book our food tour and learn why Milan is considered one of the the best spots for authentic Italian cuisine. These are only some of the many Milan tours you can book from myTour in Italy which you can learn more about by clicking the links below!

How to get to Milan?

Now you’re probably wondering how do you get to Milan? If you’re planning to travel from the United States to Italy it’ll be a little difficult to get a flight to Milan. However, there are many one stop flights from international airports but if you do not live near an international airport we highly recommend you travel to New York to get a connecting flight to Milan. Direct flights to Milan are currently offered by Delta Airlines and Alitalia that fly from New York JFK to Malpensa Airport. Once you arrive at Malpensa Airport, your vacation can start!

How to get around Milan?

The best way to get around Milan is by public transportation. Milan's subway, bus and tram system makes getting around Milan very easy and inexpensive as tickets are very affordable with a single journey urban ticket being around €1.50 ($1.80). However, if you were to only choose one we recommend you primarily take the subway as it will drop passengers off right in front of many top attractions, including The Duomo and the Santa Maria delle Grazie. If subways aren’t your thing then there are plenty of taxis you can find for a reasonably fair price and if you’re planning on traveling to Florence from Milan you can rent a car and drive there as Florence is about a three and a half hours away by car. While you can’t walk the entire city, walking is still a great way to really see Milan as the popular attractions are at most a mile apart and you’ll run into plenty of restaurants and shops that you could check out!

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