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What Should "Art Lovers" See In Florence?

What Should "Art Lovers" See In Florence?

May 12, 2022

Oh, Florence ... These walls hold on tightly to pieces such as the statue of David of Michelangelo, the birth of Venus of Botticelli, the Annunciation of Leonardo da Vinci, and the city is known as to be the birthplace of Renaissance art. 

Places that you should visit in Florence

  • Uffizi Gallery
  • Galleria dell’Accademia
  • National Museum of the Bargello
  • The Duomo, Florence Cathedral
  • Duomo Museum
  • Giotto Bell Tower | Campanile
  • Basilica of Santa Croce
  • Basilica of San Lorenzo Complex
  • Church of Santa Maria Novella
  • Pitti Palace
  • Strozzi Palace
  • Museum of the San Marco Monastery
  • Bardini Gardens
  • Casa Buonarroti
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