Was Saint Patrick italian ?

Was Saint Patrick italian ?

Jun 29, 2023

Was Saint Patrick Italian?

Who was Saint Patrick?

Saint Patrick, whose real name was Maewyin Succat, had Italian roots. His father, from the Irish Calphurnius, was a military officer, a decurio. His mother was Conchessa Succat. Both of Saint Patrick's parents were Italian, but they lived on a British estate, so technically they were living on British territory. But, in that case, is he really Italian? It's a rather sensitive question and everyone can have their own opinion on it.

Saint Patrick, one of the world's most famous saints!

At the age of 16, Saint Patrick was taken from his home in England and enslaved by a group of Irish pirates, who sent him to Ireland. 

He then looked after animals for six years before being able to return to his native country. These facts were recorded by Saint Patrick himself in his autobiography entitled "Confessio".

On his return, Saint Patrick made an important decision, that of entering ecclesiastical life. He went on to become a bishop and a reverend around the 7th century, becoming the patron saint of Ireland.

Why is St Patrick's Day celebrated?

St Patrick's Day, usually held on 17 March each year, is a traditional festival celebrated the world over.

Legend has it that this day is famous because of the belief that Saint Patrick rid Ireland of "snakes". This legend is rather peculiar in that no snakes have been seen in Ireland since the last Ice Age.

But for all non-religious worshipers, such as pagans, snake gods, and other non-believers, "snakes" could be a metaphor for Saint Patrick's entry into the church.

He died on 17 March 461 in Saul, the place where Saint Patrick established and built his first church. He is said to have worked and lived for 40 years, devoting his entire life to spreading the Gospel and living in poverty.

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