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Venice Taxi Information

Venice Taxi Information

May 26, 2022

In Venice, it might be difficult to find a taxi, once the city is made up of over 100 islands on a lagoon, it is easier to find a water taxi rather than a normal one. 

 Some tips that you should take in consideration for taxi transportation in Venice : 

  • Normal taxis are not allowed in most parts of the city, because of the tiny streets that are filled with people. 
  • Water taxis are expensive, they are also called “motoscafi”. They are usually located outside the airport , train stations. Once you get a motoscafi you have to pay extra for your luggages and , by far, it is the quickest and most comfortable way of transport in Venice. 
  • You can also take in your consideration the public ferry , also called “vaporetto” and they have cheaper prices. However they may not be as comfortable as the “motoscafi” once they have certain ports.

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