Travel Trends 2023 | how to choose the right experince for your customers

Travel Trends 2023 | how to choose the right experince for your customers

Mar 30, 2023

How to Choose the Right Experience for Your Customers

2023 is the year for new travel trends coming your way. If you are a hotelier or travel agency always looking for incentives, tour inspirations, and activities to offer your customers, have a look at these new trends, which will be increasingly emerging this year. Learn how to choose the right proposals. 

Travel Trends 2023 - Self-guided tours 

A self-guided tour is where participants plan and walk their own itinerary, rather than being guided. This allows for greater flexibility and independence, as you can set your own schedule and pace. Bike riding, hiking, and trekking, or visiting an art city, all at your own pace and with the luxury of knowing that your travel consultant is ready to help you whenever you need advice or support! Self-guided tours can take many forms, from a simple map and brochure to more detailed itineraries, maps with GPS and audio guides. Some self-guided tours are even customized to a specific interest or theme, such as food, art, or history.

Travel Trends 2023 - Outdoor tours

Outdoor travel is a trend that has been growing in popularity in recent years and is expected to continue in 2023. This type of travel typically includes outdoor activities that allow you to build a bond with the land and experience it as a true protagonist. Here are travelers' favorite activities: 

  • Hiking: These tours take participants on guided or self-guided hikes through scenic trails, mountain ranges, and national parks. An example is trekking Mount Etna in Sicily, Europe's highest active volcano. 
  • Bike Tours: These tours take participants on guided bicycle rides through picturesque countryside, along coastal routes, or into cities. Popular destinations include Chianti, Valpolicella, and the Berici Hills. 
  • Adventure sports tours: These tours offer a wide range of activities such as climbing, rafting, kayaking, and surfing. Two popular destinations for these sports are Cinque Terre and Umbria. 

Travel Trends 2023 - Solo Traveling

Solo traveling is increasing and requires ad hoc offerings, unique and personalized experiences. Possible reasons for the growing popularity of solo traveling willing include increased personal freedom and flexibility, the desire for self-discovery and personal growth. As a result, solo travelers may be looking for destinations and activities that meet their specific interests and needs, such as adventure, cultural immersion, and experiences off the beaten path. In addition, solo travelers are more likely to look for facilities and services that meet their specific needs, such as hotels, tours, and travel insurance suitable for solo travelers.

Travel Trends 2023 - Food & Wine 

Food and wine is a growing travel motivation: Italy is so rich and varied that every small town boasts unique food and wine traditions that change even a few miles apart. One of the favorite activities of those in the different destinations is to discover Italian cuisine, local products by exploring farms, pasta factories, dairies, wineries, and more! 

How to choose the right activity for your clients 

Choosing the best activities to offer your clients can depend on a number of factors, including your clients' personal interests, their budget, and their destination. Here are some tips to help you choose the best activities to include in your proposals:

  • Study your customers well in relation to your destination: learn about the destination's culture, history and natural attractions to help you understand which activities match their interests.
  • Establish their priorities: Determine what is most important to your clients, whether relaxation, adventure, culture or other.
  • Consider their budget: Plan activities based on a budget range your clients would like to spend and offer discount periods or promotions for your regulars. 
  • Create partnerships with local experience providers: The Mytour in Italy platform allows you to filter and choose the activities you prefer and add them to your website via a widget, from which your customers can directly book. Plus you earn a 10% commission!
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