Top 7 cities to visit in November in Italy

Top 7 cities to visit in November in Italy

Oct 25, 2019

Italy is a wonderful place to visit at all times, but since November is coming closer, we want to show you the destinations that make this month even more special. You have all been asking questions like: Is November a good time to visit Italy? How cold is it in Italy in November? Is November a good month for Italy? How is Italy in November? — We are suggesting 7 best cities to spend November in Italy! Let’s start with our first suggestion.

1) Florence

The capital city of the charming Tuscany region. Florence is something straight out of a fairy tale. With Gothic architecture, cobbled streets, renowned museums, decadent food options and a selection of wine that’ll impress every wine lover. Florence is not just a city; it’s an experience.

Visiting the city in November helps you with proper temperatures, fewer people so you can quietly visit historic palaces, churches, and museums. Some places of interest include the Cathedral, the Uffizi, the Accademia, and the Bargello. Florence is also famous for its proximity to equally fabulous cities like Chianti and Pisa.

2) Rome

There are so much to say about Rome but we are not keeping it to long. Did you know that it is also called “caput mundi”? or “The Capital Of The World”? Well, there are reasons for sure! It is well known for its wonderful ancient monuments, history, manner of living and food. You can read more about Rome from our previous blog-posts and then plan your trip as soon as possible.

November is a good period of time to visit Rome if you don’t like coming around with massive crowds, so you can explore roman ruins, museums, main squares and particularly The Vatican quietly. Rome’s popular tourist attractions such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon offer the same experience no matter the time of year you visit, but the early fall is way more impressive because the city’s many parks are greener. Don’t you think that visiting the city with a local would make your trip more interesting? Tour Guides are always a good idea to experience Rome and we have options for you!

3) Milan

When we talk about Milan, the first image that comes to mind is Duomo Cathedral or Fashion Week but there is much more! You must try the local food, museums and you should also consider the modern buildings of the city – the skyscrapers.

Milan is a great stand for November and beside it’s architectural beauty, it is also a great place for fashion lovers. Fall is prime time for Italy’s fashion and business capital and locals disappear from June through August, but when they’re back during fall, you see them out in fashionable clothes and experience an energy that’s palpable.

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4) Turin

If you are planning to travel to Turin than you must have heard about the art, history, architecture, bars, food and aperitif of the city. You can visit Palazzo Madama, Royal Palace, They are most likely on your list by now and you won’t be disappointed!

Turin offers many things to do during the year, but in November, when you would think nothing exciting is going on, it is actually a great time to come over and enjoy this beautiful side of Italy. Of course, I could add shopping, fashion, restaurants, and the style of this royal city and there is much more to visit to Turin.

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5) Venice

To some people, Venice is a magical, romantic, and a unique city like nowhere else in the world. To others, it was beautiful but overpriced.

If you visit the city of canals during the summer and also hit up Venice in November, for sure you will love Venice at any time of the year, but November in Venice is for the ones who want to avoid messy streets and enjoy romanticism. There might be rain so be prepared: bring an umbrella and your best rain-shoes.

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6) Catania

Sicily has had many rulers throughout its history including the Arabs and the Spanish, and they got the best of them and made the tastiest cuisine. So if you plan visiting Sicily than you must taste local food, and if you are a fan of ancient culture, you will find Greek temples all over the place. While being there, you’ve got to see Mount Etna, an active volcano in the south. Cap off your excursion with a stop to one of the globally recognized wineries around the volcano for a tasting and picnic.

It’s here where Google holds its annual summer camp for top execs and boldfacers such as Oprah and Michael Jordan. It must be a fancy place, right?

A summer trip to Sicily is a very good idea but it can be a bit punishing because of the heat. In November though, temperatures fall and you can actually be outside the whole time and savor all that the region has to offer. Well, there are people who consider the water warm enough for swimming, so bring your swimsuit with you, just in case.

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7) The Amalfi Coast and Capri

Most people think The Amalfi Coast as a summer destination but guess what? You might change your mind if you visit the coast during November. Amalfi is the most photogenic place in Italy and a short boat ride away Capri, isn’t far behind. It is where you find pure elegance, outstanding landscapes, gorgeous waters and tasty food.

The region is packed in the summer but more open in the fall. And cooler temperatures mean outdoor activities rule. November is a good idea for hiking in the amalfi coast and if you are the kind of tourist that likes hiking, you will find it very pleasant!

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Weather in italy in november 

Italy is known for its balmy Mediterranean climate, but November is usually windy and varies from day to day on temperatures. As long as you’re prepared for this possibility, however, it shouldn’t dampen your enthusiasm.

Pack a pair of weather-resistant boots, particularly if you plan to travel to Venice, where, in November, water levels are known to rise. In Italy, as in most of Europe at this time of year, it’s usually dark by 5 p.m. Prepare for cool temperatures and it will possibly rain, but focus mostly on packing layers you can easily add and remove.

A Few More Tips

Airfare pricing across the off season tends to be lower. As a general rule, in early November, hotel rates don’t differ much from those of October but after the first 10 days of the month or so, the prices may fall. If you’re planning to shop in any of Italy’s street markets, vendors may be more likely to give you a good price in an effort to keep sales going in the slower months.

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