The Duomo of Florence - The best way to explore it

The Duomo of Florence - The best way to explore it

Apr 13, 2022

Florence is a city that provides easy access to some pretty impressive sights, with the Duomo Complex being one such sight, receiving millions of tourists looking forward to visiting this historic landmark. The Florence Duomo tour is a must-do during your trip to Italy. With skip the line access to this cathedral, you can climb all of its impressive queues and enjoy also other attractions like Giotto's Bell Tower, The Baptistery!

The tour starts with your guide introduced herself and outlined what you would be doing on this adventure; you first went outside into Piazza della Cathedrale (or "Cathedral Square"), then entered through one of its grandest doors: The facade! It's almost as if you can feel your heart beating faster when faced with such beauty.

You will be overwhelmed by the size and beauty of this place. It is such an awe-inspiring building that has been standing for over 700 years! You will be surprised to learn how many people work here every day without any modern machinery - it's incredible what they do with only their hands alone (and eyesight). Your guide will tell you all about some fascinating art pieces, like those stained-glass windows which date back to 1400; plus one specific clock--both very eye catching because you can see right through them into different rooms inside.

You will walk through a narrow corridor before climbing many steps to reach what seemed like roof skies above us -the terraces! 

When you arrive at the terraces, you will be able to notice how close you are to Brunelleschi's Dome. The view from there is amazing! 

After your Duomo tour, you will feel energetic and enthusiastic. It’s an adventure but don't worry-it's definitely worth it!

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