The Best Day Trips From Naples

The Best Day Trips From Naples

Sep 2, 2022

The Neapolitan culture is one of the most fascinating in Italy. From its cuisine to architecture, this city offers all of this! As if you needed more reasons why visiting should be on your list next time around - here are just some ideas for things to do near Naples when traveling there:

Discover the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a hidden treasure trove that stretches out along the shoreline just south of Naples. Here, mountains plunge into the crystal-clear water and create incredibly beautiful scenery as if it were painted by visionary artists with oil paint on canvas; this view can only be found here in Sorrento - which may serve as an official starting point for those who want to visit every inch of the wonderful coast.

The town offers many benefits including easy access to all the main destinations along its stunning coastlines: Pompeii/Herculaneum/Naples are within driving distance. 

Capri can be admired from Sant’Agata and Nerano. This place boasts rich Greek mythology, as it's the location where Ulysses heard sirens singing to him in his journey home. A fatal but still mesmerizing chant. Positano has small but beautiful sandy beaches that are perfect for lovers looking for something relaxing like swimming together or enjoying an evening out on the shoreline lit by stars overhead - just listening to each other breathe sometimes.

What's not to love about Amalfi? The largest town on the Italian coast, it shares three beautiful beaches with its smaller neighbor Atrani. Ravello may be out of reach if you're looking for an affordable beach escape but Maiori and Minori offer plenty of things in terms of charm at much more reasonable prices - especially considering how remote they are!

The tastes of Cetara and Erchie are in perfect harmony with Limoncello, a liqueur prepared using lemon juice mixed along with just enough sugar to make it sweet. Colatura di Alici sauce boasts an little-known tradition that dates back centuries ago when people used fresh anchovies for their dish instead of salt pork or other meats commonly found at sea levels around this area during medieval times.

Spend a day in Pompeii

The ruins of Pompeii are one hour away from Naples and make for a great day trip. The ancient town was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius, but you can still walk through its streets experiencing all that life there would have been like thousands of years ago! Start your visit at the Forum, where public debates took place as well religious ceremonies carried out in honor to Venus (the deity they worshiped).

The Forum has also other many interesting things within itself like graves or temples.

The Lupanare was a place in Pompeii for indulging one's desires. frescoes on the walls show voracious lovers with their concubines, and it is continued at The House of Faun which had early versions to what we know now as our malls: there are two connected areas where each has its own entrance linked together by various shops within them; you can also stop by Villa dei Misteri if you're interested in looking over some beautiful frescos depicting initiation rituals into student cults.

Sunbathing in Capri

If you're looking for a getaway with all the perks of home, look no further than Capri. The Island of this tiny paradise is situated just 5 kilometers from mainland Bay of Naples and features stunning beaches that are perfect to relax on after enjoying some local cuisine or strolling through its picturesque towns center full of little alleys lined by cafes where locals come alive at night time, when they start dancing under candlelight while music played softly overhead.

The early morning walks along the harbor provide amazing views as well. Spend your morning at the beach or rent a boat for an exclusive tour of Blue Grotto - one if Italy's most beautiful sea caves. You'll be wowed by how sunlight passing through seawater creates stunning blue reflections that illuminate this cavernous space! In the afternoon, head over to Villa San Michele where you can enjoy gorgeous views from up high while browsing through some flowers outside.

The best way to end a day in Naples is by seeing its most beautiful views from above. This can be done with one of many chairlifts available on Mt Seggiovia del Monte Solaro, where you will get transported up the mountain within 13 minutes and admire stunning landscapes below before coming back down again!

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