Stibbert Museum in Florence

Stibbert Museum in Florence

Oct 7, 2022

There are a lot of museums in Florence, but if you want something that's off the beaten path and has 50 000 pieces from across history - then we recommend going to the Stibbert Museum. The Stibbert Museum isn't just any old ordinary museum either! It offers visitors 57 rooms filled with art spanning different eras which can be seen throughout Europe on foot as well since it sits right there next door.

Frederick Stibbert, the son of an Italian mother and British soldier inherited a huge sum when his father passed away. He spent all this money on collecting weapons that are now stored in villa di Montughi where they have been since 1837. He had always had passion for history so afterwards he filled up these rooms with countless collections from armor to uniforms as well artwork including antiques etc.

The Stibbert Museum is home to an incredible villa that houses over 50,000 western and eastern artifacts. The most extensive collection in this museum are 12 thousand pieces from Europe's Oriental Islamic armours dating back as far as the 15th century! In order for visitors' experience not be ruined by tourist crowds they should make sure visit during off hours or when reservations have been made through the reservation website.

The Stibbert Museum is a place of contemplation and discovery. The green space outside the building holds an even more incredible amount of historical collections, but one component that makes visiting worth it for any visitor? A beautiful park designed by Giuseppe Poggi just beyond its doors! With ponds galore plus water fountains strategically scattered throughout--this haven in Harlem provides peace scenic beauty while still being convenient to all nearby transportation hubs (including Uber!). Entry here costs absolutely nothing...even considering how much fun you'll be having. 

To get to the museum, you must be accompanied by a caretaker (not guide) and each shift lasts an hour. There are only 25 people allowed in at one time so it's very intimate if that interests you! The cost of tickets is $146 per person or $195 for two people which includes entry as well--but don't worry because children under 12 years old roam free all day long without any extra charge...and visiting this historical site won’t break your wallet either way: $7 for adults and $5 for children.

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