Pisa, San Gimignano And Siena | Get To Know These Medieval Cities

Pisa, San Gimignano And Siena | Get To Know These Medieval Cities

Apr 12, 2022

Places to visit in Pisa

Pisa is a well-known city for its Leaning Tower, but it offers other great spots that are worth exploring. Start your visit in Piazza dei Miracoli - also known as “the Square of Wonders” because there's so many beautiful things here! Take photos holding up the famous tower (there'll be no shortage) then go ahead and climb 296 stairs --perfect if you want a unique experience with breathtaking views. In the afternoon, continue your day at the Cathedral – a great example of Romanesque architecture. Admire how numerous and prestigious sacred furnishings are found within this church; it's also breathtaking to see works on display like those by Nicola Pisano or Andrea Guardi who studied under Donatello plenty years ago! Have an Italian lunch break somewhere in town before spending time exploring other sites such as Baptistery which is the largest one around here plus several museums containing original artwork both historic and modern-day masterpieces. The Camposanto is the final resting place. If you find yourself surrounded by crowds, head into Pisa and explore what else this wonderful city has to offer!.

Visit San Gimignano in Tuscany

The town of San Gimignano is located outside Siena, and it's famous for its medieval towers. While other cities, like Florence, have seen most of their towers destroyed in the fighting between Guelfs (the ruling class) versus Ghibellines; How many towers are there in San Gimignano? There are thirteen, but in the past it seems there were seventy-two. Start your visit with Porta San GIovanni which was built around 13th century. The first thing you'll notice when entering this walled city state on top of hills are the tall Towers. 

The main entrance to this medieval town was once an important pilgrimage site for travellers on their way towards Rome. Continue your walking tour in Piazza della Cisterna, a triangular shaped square surrounded by historic buildings and include Romanesque constructions alongside Gothic ones – all waiting patiently until you explore them further! There are three museums here that are worth a visit.

Themed museums capture the history of this medieval town. One is located just off Piazza della Cisterna and displays torture devices, the Medieval Torture Museum, documents about inquisition in Italy during Christian times as well other memorabilia from around Europe like old coins or weapon pieces used by warriors centuries ago. 

The second museum offers an interesting reconstruction of what life may have been like for people living there 700 years ago, with scale models etc.

While you are in town, why not spend some time at the Vernaccia Wine Museum for a tasting of this signature white wine with an expert sommelier?

Talking about churches to visit, the most beautiful is without question Collegiata, the Duomo/Cathedral where there are brilliant frescoes from Sienese masters preserved beautifully into modern day life; don't forget about Depiction Of Hell by Taddeo di Bartolo which will give your imagination plenty more fuel!.

Places to visit in Siena Italy 

Tuscany is known for its historical beauty and rich culture. There aren't many places like Siena, a city that has more than enough opportunities to explore! Your first stop could be the beautiful destination of Piazza del Campo – the heart of historic old town square where you can not only see some incredible architecture but also take advantage or photo with iconic landmarks such as La Fonte Gaia or climb up to the Torre del Mangia.

In order words, “Tuscan” means something different when spoken by locals versus outsiders. The town of Siena is a hidden gem in Italy. 

In our Siena, San Gimignano and Pisa with lunch tour, you can choose from three different tour options:

  • The basic tour: in which you have included the typical Tuscany lunch
  • The traditional option tour: you will have the guided tour and a typical Tuscany lunch
  • The full options tour: you will have the guided tour, a typical Tuscany tour and also the Entrance ticket to the Siena's Cathedral with an authorized tour guide. The Duomo includes masterpieces by Donatello, Michelangeloand Pinturicchio.
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