My Tour Event 2019 | An evening to remember!

My Tour Event 2019 | An evening to remember!

Feb 2, 2022

Today we are going to talk about myTour in Italy event that we organize each year at the end of the season. This year the event was organized on September 25th in a totally different way! Live music, jugglers, a hot air balloon, but we are stopping here not to spoil the surprise …

This event was organized to remind all the long way we have walked at the past 10 years and to inform everyone for our new project that our company took to heart.

The event took place in Chianti Hills and our guests enjoyed local food, wine, live music and a lot of surprises . One of the goals of the evening was also to show our clients and partners that our company has improved and that we’re growing faster. 

In an earlier period, myTour in Italy was a local operator located in the heart of the Chianti hills. With dedication to our job, the hard work and passion to spread what we love, we are nowadays operating everywhere in Italy. We are committed to offering the best for the ones that trust us and have been choosing us more than once.

From then to now, our company has raised in staff, experience and customer satisfaction. My Tour is now made of trained leaders, organized departments, inspiring employees and not only.Today we are grateful to the hard work of our employees and to the collaboration with our partners. Let’s say that myTour in Italy is flying higher and higher like the balloon we rented for the myTour in Italy Event.

We were pleased to host some representatives of our trusted partners during this evening: Musement, Bellarome, Evento Italiano, Europass, City Roma and more.

This was the most outstanding event of the last years, and not by coincidence. myTour in Italy launches a new message for this 2019-2020, we support our society, we support children who represent our future. Thanks to the Meyer Hospital of Florence from this year on, we will give our contribution.

The representative of the Meyer Hospital honored our company with an award for our support to their organization. An award that for us is priceless, much more than a simple recognition because we, as myTour in Italy, have dedicated ourselves to helping society.

Throughout the years, Meyer Hospital Center has been an important high specialization hospital structure dedicated to children, integrated with the departments of Neuroscience, Psychology, Child and Child Health (NEUROFARBA), Health Sciences (DDS) and experimental and clinical biomedical sciences. 

During the event, it was organized a lottery where everyone gave their contribution, and the money went for the Meyer Hospital of Florence.

This September 25th we celebrated like a big family, all the hard work done in these months and years. We appreciated the feedback received from our guests who had fun and supported the lottery dedicated to the Meyer Hospital.

As anticipated at the beginning of the evening was full of surprises including the fireworks and we would like to share these moments with you! If you want to find out more, watch the video and our gallery.

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