Museo dell'Opera

Museo dell'Opera

Oct 6, 2022

To most tourists in Florence, the Uffizi Gallery is a must-see. However there's another museum right next to it that you might not know about - Museo dell Opera or "Museum of Works" for short! It was recently reconstructed and houses an incredible collection featuring art from all over the world spanning centuries; including some really ancient stuff too like Egyptian sculptures.. And if those don't interest you then head outside where Accademia awaits with its impressive collection laid out before us on top of beautiful buildings designed by Michelangelo himself.

The largest showcase of Fiorentine sculptures in the world is now found at Museo dell Opera. The museum previously did not have enough space to properly display all its items, but after acquiring a restoration on Theatre De' Intrepidi and then twenty years later restoring it back again with fresh paint colors you can see how much more organized everything has become! 

The new space finally made room to fit the original facade of Milan's Duomo. Now, inside Museo dell Opera you can find an exact replica in one 1500 square foot hall-it truly breathtaking! Sculptures are placed according to their supposed position decades ago when they first arrived at this location for all visitors to see and learn about its extensive history together.

The exhibit brings together various art pieces from around Europe including Italy - some known as “baroquello” or "costliness" because artists would carve them into fabric surfaces while others were more abstractly designed using metal clasps instead.

Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise are just one piece in this museum's collection that has been preserving Italian culture for centuries. It is home to other classics like Donatello's Penitent Magdalene and Michelangelo Bandini Pietà, which both date back as far as 1500 BC! The Opera House also houses an important hall dedicated directly towards Brunelleschi 's dome - The Duomo . This genius work architecturally combined mathematics with artistry can be found throughout Florence but none more beautifully than here at its finest form.

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