Milan For Landscape Lovers?

Milan For Landscape Lovers?

Apr 28, 2022

Yes! Milan is next door to some of the most interesting landscapes in Italy such as Lake Como and the Dolomites.

Milan is mostly known as the fashion capital of the world and the most industrialized city in Italy. Its main landscapes are buildings instead of scenery but if you find yourself in Milan, you are short to get to some amusement sceneries of northern Italy.  

5 Lakes to visit near Milan

Milan is behind the corner of the enchanting Italian lakes here is the list of the 5 Lakes to visit near Milan:

  • Lake Como - Como.
  • Varese Lake - Varese.
  • Idro Lake - Idro.
  • Lago Azzurro - Madesimo.
  • Mezzola Lake - Novate Mezzola.

What to see in Milan city centre?

Some of the most famous points are the Duomo (Milan Cathedral), Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II, and popular neighborhoods around the city. 

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