Is Venice For Sea Lovers?

Is Venice For Sea Lovers?

Apr 28, 2022

Venice is a city like no other! Full of history, uniqueness, architecture and impressive artwork. The city rises on the sea and yes, if you are a lover of the sea you will love Venice.

The city itself isn't the best if you want to swim, but take a day or two to get to the best beaches around Venice. The coast in this area is low and sandy with soft golden sand.The shallow waters are ideal for a quiet family vacation. The water is clean and there are beaches that regularly get "blue flag" recognition.

The 8 most beautiful beaches in Venice and its surroundings:

  • Lido beach in Venice.
  • Pellestrina beach.
  • Cavallino beach.
  • Ca 'Roman beach.
  • Punta Sabbioni beach.
  • Bacán beach.
  • Sottomarina beach, Chioggia.
  • Brussa beach, Caorle.
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