Is Rome For Sea Lovers?

Is Rome For Sea Lovers?

May 20, 2022

When visiting Italy, Rome is in the top of the list for every tourist. Even though Rome is not directly on the sea, it is much more closer than most visitors think. Here are some of the most attractive beach spots from Rome. 

The 10 most beautiful beaches in and around Rome

  1. Santa Marinella beach
  2. Capocotta beach
  3. Bufalara beach, Sabaudia
  4. Torre Paola beach, Sabaudia
  5. San Felice beach, Circeo
  6. Canzatora beach, Sperlonga
  7. Fontana beach, Sperlonga
  8. Arenauta Beach (Three Hundred Steps), Gaeta
  9. Terracina beach
  10. Cala Nave beach, Ventotene

If you are visiting Italy as a tourist and want a trip to the sea from Rome, a Surf lesson in Ostia could be a great option! If you want to opt for an island, you can choose a Capri tour from Rome

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