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How to get to Cinque Terre From Florence

How to get to Cinque Terre From Florence

Feb 2, 2022

If you want to make your Florence tour unforgettable, you should definitely include a beautiful Cinque Terre trip for one day. How to get to Cinque Terre From Florence? Most people think that Florence is quite far from Cinque Terre. However, that is not true at all. You can easily include a trip to Cinque Terre in your Florence trip. With the right itinerary, you can visit all these enchanting places easily. In less than twenty-four hours, you can experience some wonderful places. There are several places and points which attract tourists from all over the world. The best way to visit the area without wasting time is by choosing a Florence tour guide. A guide will take the right route for you so you can not only enjoy but also visit all the places in the meantime.

Travelling by Car to Cinque Terre

It is quite common for tourists to read that travelling by car to Cinque Terre is not a wise idea. Actually, it is because of the inconvenience. Once you arrive to Cinque Terre, you will not be able to get around in a car. On the other hand, wandering around by train can be confusing for first time tourists.

Travelling from a village to the other by car is quite hard for tourists, especially considering that the area is very crowded and this makes it harder. It is also confusing to find the roads connecting the villages. Let’s not forget that a guide will also save you a lot of time and will guide you to top attractions. When you are on your way to see the best of Cinque Terre in just a day, you have to make sure you are avoiding as many time-wasting experiences as possible.

Another hurdle in driving to Cinque Terre is parking. Although there are parking spaces, it doesn’t mean that they are cheap. If you want to avoid traffic and stay inline with a good itinerary, consider buying a private Florence tour. This service is not only convenient but it also ensures a smooth trip to Cinque Terre. Each and every tour has a parking space but these spaces are too expensive and not affordable for an on-budget trip to 5 Terre. For tourists who want to keep their budgets in check, it is preferable not to travel by car.

Spend your whole day visiting different places, seeing colors, and experiencing the magic. And if you want to be accompanied and guided to the best attractions in the zone, consider hiring a professional guide. A Florence tour guide will not only help you explore better but will also give you interesting information and curiosities of the area.

Travelling by train to Cinque Terre

If you would like to travel to Cinque Terre by train, you should keep it in mind to leave very early. Leaving Florence and reaching your destination will take almost 3 to 4 hours and the trip may get you tired. The time will also depend on the type of train you take. If you are visiting for just an hour, you want your tour to be simple. You should start by checking the schedules and check twice because it is easy to get the wrong way, you can find routes using Italian names for different locations.

Note: A trip to Florence can be quite messy if you are not careful. You should purchase the ticket at least a day before your trip. This way, you will only have to reach the platform in the morning. This way, not only will you be free of stress but also will have more time to plan your trip.

Keep it in mind, if you wish to visit Cinque Terre for only a day, you will not depart and arrive at the same village. It means that you should refrain from buying return tickets. You can plan about the arrival either before getting to Cinque Terre or when you are there. Two one-way tickets will prove to be more helpful than purchasing return tickets at the same time.

Travel to 5 Terre in the best way possible

If Florence is on your travel agenda, then you must visit 5 Terre. To avoid the common problems that trap the tourists in the zone, making their time fly by, make your trip flexible and enjoyable by booking the tour that best fits you from the Florence tour list.

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