How far is the Mall Firenze from Florence?

How far is the Mall Firenze from Florence?

Apr 11, 2024

For those eager to embark on a shopping spree at Mall Firenze, one burning question often arises: just how far is the mall from the bustling streets of Florence? Fear not, as we unveil the distance between these two destinations, ensuring your journey is both informed and effortless.

Mall Firenze, nestled in the scenic landscapes of Tuscany, beckons shoppers with its array of luxury boutiques and designer stores. Situated just a stone's throw away from Florence, this retail haven offers an escape from the city's hustle and bustle while promising an unparalleled shopping experience.

The distance between Florence and Mall Firenze is approximately 25 kilometers (15.5 miles), making it a convenient destination for both locals and tourists alike. Whether you choose to drive, take public transport, or opt for a dedicated shuttle service, the journey to Mall Firenze is a breeze, with various transportation options available to suit your preferences.

By car, the journey from Florence to Mall Firenze takes roughly 30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions and the chosen route. With well-maintained roads and ample parking facilities at the mall, driving offers flexibility and convenience for those seeking a seamless shopping experience.

For those preferring public transport, buses connect Florence to Mall Firenze, offering a scenic journey through the Tuscan countryside. The SITA bus service from Florence's city center to Barberino di Mugello, where Mall Firenze is located, takes approximately 40 minutes, providing an opportunity to soak in the beauty of the surroundings before indulging in a day of retail therapy.

Additionally, Mall Firenze offers shuttle services from Florence, providing a direct and comfortable journey for shoppers. With scheduled departures and convenient pick-up points, these shuttles ensure a hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on enjoying your shopping adventure.

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You will have the opportunity to purchase a one-way ticket to The Mall Firenze, or more conveniently, a roundtrip from Florence to The Mall. This shuttle service will allow you total booking flexibility, as you can select a time of your choice from those available and enjoy transportation on board our comfortable bus.


Whether you're a fashion enthusiast, a culinary connoisseur, or simply seeking a day of leisure, Mall Firenze's proximity to Florence makes it an accessible and enticing destination. So, pack your bags, and prepare for a day of indulgence amidst the luxury outlets and scenic landscapes of Tuscany's premier shopping destination.

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