Giotto Bell Tower: a sensational view

Giotto Bell Tower: a sensational view

Jul 23, 2022

There is nothing like seeing all the buildings, skyline and countryside in front of you, when it comes to visiting one of the most breathtaking cities in Italy: Florence; it is just amazing! The best place to do this while visiting Florence would be atop one: the Giotto Bell Tower. This tower offers an aerial view that includes Brunelleschi’s dome as well as other renowned sites around town like church spires or iconic bridges spanning wide rivers. All these can be seen from here too.

Some say that the Florence Duomo is a perfect example of gothic architecture from its time, and they’re not wrong. Its construction began in 1334, based on a design by Giotto, who died three years later, when it was still underway; however his project passed to Andrea Pisano. Because of the Black Plague during this period, the construction underwent a slowdown and was finally completed by Francesco Talenti’s genius idea of adding a rooftop terrace. In fact, despite these setbacks, this magnificent tower could still be brought to completion.

The rooftop terrace is fifteen square meters, and it's 84.7 meters high! The belltower has the same unique red, green, white marbling and so does our church dome; from here you can see all of Florence laid out before us-from Santa Reparata Tower (the largest) to Duomo Square with its stunning and monumental architecture...

The Rooftop Terrace offers visitors some outdoor space for dining or just relaxing under blue skies while admiring the breathtaking views over this medieval city that'll be sure to make your day brighter. 

How to access Giotto's Bell Tower

The chance to see those sensational sights from atop is unluckily not within everyone's reach. If you suffer from vertigo or heart problems and are unable (or unwilling) to climb 414 steps with a lot of breathing pauses in between each step; this walk may not be your thing at all! However, if your adventurous side gets kicks like us then make sure to commemorate today as one day where life was simpler- Before technology took over our lives and made everything easier as it could be... When things were more difficult than they seemed at first glance because there weren't any phones/electronics around so all. 

If you want to access Giotto's Bell Tower terrace, you can buy a general ticket of Duomo and Museum, as this latter lasts for 72 hours and allows you to access the Cupola, Cathedral, Baptistry, Bell Tower, Crypt and museum! You can also purchase a skip-the-line pass because it’s definitely worth it in case you have not much time but you really wish to live this incredible experience in Florence.

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