Castellina in Chianti

Castellina in Chianti

Apr 18, 2023

The Chianti area is a region best known for the production of one of the most excellent wines of the Tuscan lands, Chianti, which since 1984 has officially been part of the DOCG (controlled and guaranteed designation of origin) category of Italian wines. Castellina in Chianti, along with Radda in Chianti, Greve in Chianti and Gaiole in Chianti, is part of this wonderful wine area, where time seems to have seemingly slowed its course.

Why visit Castellina in Chianti

The village of Castellina in Chianti still retains its medieval architectural features that contribute to its unquestionable historic-artistic charm. Its defensive fortress, together with the Church of San Salvatore, represents the historical and cultural heritage that this little jewel of the Tuscan hills has to offer.

What to visit in Castellina in Chianti

A representative monument and definitely worth visiting, if you are in Castellina in Chianti, is the Church of San Salvatore. Its reconstruction dates back to the end of World War II, but its first actual building dates back to the 16th century.  The church now houses Bicci di Lorenzo's masterpiece, "The Madonna Enthroned," along with other statues made of wood depicting the ancient patron saints of the medieval village. The Rocca di Castellina in Chianti, on the other hand, is a defensive fortification dating back to the 11th century. Its function was thus to protect the village and its citizens from invasions and attacks by neighboring towns.  Currently, the Rocca is home to the town hall and the Sienese Chianti Archaeological Museum, which tells the story of the Chianti region, thus not only illustrating the origins of Castellina in Chianti, but also of its sister towns such as Gaiole in Chianti and Radda in Chianti Also in the historic center is the "Via delle Volte." Along it are artisan boutiques, stores and typical restaurants. But beware, this is not a street like any other, but rather a tunnel built under the historic center of Castellina!

How to visit Castellina in Chianti

As fascinating as it is, a stop in Castellina in Chianti alone may not be enough for a day in the Chianti region. What if we suggested a tour with a stop in the medieval village? Starting with a tour on a Vespa, Fiat 500, Ape Calessino or Quad, you can immerse yourself in the fairy-tale landscapes of Tuscany and visit small villages like Castellina in Chianti. But that's not all, your experience will also be enriched by a tasting of wines typically produced in the area, so you can enjoy the Tuscan experience to the fullest. Discover Castellina and its surroundings with myTour in Italy!

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