Best Way To Visit Florence Museums

Best Way To Visit Florence Museums

Sep 18, 2020

You have already chosen Italy for your vacation, and since you are reading this, you might be interested in Florence. Well, of course you are! Who is not interested in Florence? There are many things that bring tourists to this gorgeous city, one of the most important reasons is art for sure.

Florence is home to 72 museums loaded in History, art, and culture. We get it that it may be hard and confusing to choose from these museums but if you find out what is the best way to visit Florence museums, everything will be pleasant. Below we are giving some advice on how to plan your visit to Florence museums.

Plan your visit

Plan your visit to ItalyIf you know you have some days off, and you want to go on vacation, make sure you plan your everything (or at least most things) before getting on the plane. If you want to visit in the city, and don’t know what museum to visit first, consider reading what are the top museums in Florence.

Museums here can get quite crowded and planing your visits to each one of them would save you some time and patience. Make sure you have a full day itinerary of what you plan to do during the day and things will flow nicely. If you are in museums such as Uffizi or Accademia give them more time than the others.

Buy tickets in advance

Buying tickets in advance will make you skip those long lines and explore the museums without losing any time. As it is widely known, getting tickets in advance will cost you 2 to 4 extra dollars (depending on the museum) but you won’t be standing for hours to skip 200 people before entering the museum. Definitely worth it, right?

How to get your ticket in advance

  • By phone

You can get your ticket with a single call. Choose the museum and call one of the numbers:

Whatsapp: /

Phone number:/

  • Online at the website

You can always book your tickets from a trusted website

Get a guided tour

Getting a guided tour of the museums will make you skip the line (tickets are always included) and you will be able to explore the museum in full. Your guide will tell you the stories of the artworks, the story of the main artists, and will make your visit at the museum pleasant.

There are also guided tours that will fulfill your day in the city. You will be able to visit a museum in the morning, take your time for lunch and then turn to other museums and discover some more treasures of Florence. Find out what are the most chosen tours of Florence museums or choose according to your interests. Guided tours are a perfect choice if you are traveling solo, but also if you are traveling accompanied by friends or family.

Combine nearby museums

If you are going to stay just a few days in Florence make sure you are planning to see as much as you can. Consider visiting nearby museums or get to the center of the city – so you can be closer to most museums.

Florence Museums – What we suggest

Uffizi and Accademia tour

David statue from Accademia Gallery

This is a tour that includes two main museums in the city and a walk around the center so you also get to know the history of other buildings and important monuments. You will visit first the Accademia Gallery where you will learn about how this building came to be one of the most appreciated in Florence and what holds inside. Then you will have time to walk around the center of the city and learn more about different periods of time and the glorious history that made Florence of the most visited cities in Italy.

Pitti Palace and Palatina Gallery guided tour

Pitti Palace

This guided Tour is dedicated to the Palatine Gallery, the Royal Apartments, the private art collection of the Medici family inside of their last sumptuous residence including remarkable masterpieces by Botticelli, Titian, Rubens, Caravaggio and many other Italian and European painters from the XVth to the XVIIth centuries.

Uffizi gallery & Florence walking tour

Uffizi Gallery

If you have other plans during the day, you can schedule a half-day tour. This tour starts in the early afternoon and includes major sights such as Piazza Duomo, Piazza della Signoria, and Ponte Vecchio. Then you will visit the Uffizi Gallery to admire works by renowned artists. Your guide tell you about the secrets of the artists’ craft, techniques and tools. Looking at the most famous artworks of the period, you will be able to understand why Florence was the birthplace of the Renaissance.

Where to take the best photos in Florence

Photos in Florence

While being in Florence, try to get the best memories with you. If you will be visiting Florence you can’t miss spotting the art that is exposed everywhere, the churches, the statues, the museums, the palaces and other attractions in the city are worth to take photos.

Some museums are not open for photographs and it is not allowed to take photos inside but still, there are a few that do not have these policies.

Tips for your Florence trip

Make sure you have the proper items with you to make everything easier and more comfortable.

  • Stay safe – bring face masks and hand sanitizer!
  • Water bottle – one or two.
  • Camera – document your trip and make it easier to remember.
  • Comfortable shoes – For sure!
  • Cozy clothes – choose clothes that make you feel good.
  • Battery pack – keep your phone and/or camera charged.
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