Are There Mountains & Lakes Near Florence?

Are There Mountains & Lakes Near Florence?

Aug 4, 2022

Historic buildings, churches, and museums abound in Florence. But on some occasions, especially in the sweltering summer, you need to get away from the city's noise and activity. Fortunately, there are many spots in the nearby natural areas to unwind.


There are a few lakes in the Florence area, but Lago Bilancino is the most well-known. It is hard to believe that this lake, which is the biggest in Tuscany, is artificial. You can get to the lake more in less than an hour, where you can do lots of activities including paddle boarding, fishing. Additionally, there is a nature reserve close by where you may ride a bike or have a walk while viewing fish, turtles, and other creatures. There normally are flamingos here in October!


Lago Vagli, Lago Chiusi, Lago Burano, and Lago Massaciuccoli are a few other lakes in the nearby of Florence.

The Tuscany region has a lot to offer for mountain lovers. The Apuan Alps, a more compact range connected to the Apennine Mountains, can be found here. These mountains provide a variety of activities, including hiking, mountain biking, and simply unwinding in a natural spa. Additionally, it is here that Michelangelo obtained the marble used in many of his sculptures, which came from the renowned Italian marble quarries.

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