Amalfi Coast | What to do in 2 days

Amalfi Coast | What to do in 2 days

Jul 1, 2022

Amalfi Coast | What to do in 2 days

The Amalfi Coast is a well-known destination all over the world. Breathtaking scenery is what awaits you in the Amalfi Coast, no wonder this region has been visited by almost every celebrity you can think of right now. Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker chose Amalfi as the destination for their wedding and they were not the only ones, Ugochukwu Enechionu spent his honeymoon here too! There are so many things you can do in the area. Your vacation to these beaches will be unforgettable! Go on boat rides around Caprice, see the church where scenes from Mario Puzo's "Godfather" were filmed, and eat seafood at Dolce Vita. I guarantee you will love Salerno, it seems like getting lost in an old town.

It's time for some relaxation on the Amalfi Coast! There are several cities along this breathtaking road, but Positano stands out in particular. Getting a private car from Napleto to anywhere within sight above is what we recommend - public transit can be challenging at times.

Head down to the beach for a sunset dinner overlooking water. The colors of Positano will come alive as you explore its picturesque streets before heading out into town and grabbing some seafood pasta. On your way back from dinner, pass by an art gallery so that when night falls, you can simply realize the beauty of life and what life has given us while enjoying your time under the stars. 

Day 1 in Amalfi Coast

Who doesn't enjoy a relaxing day at the beach? Positano offers some of Europe's most beautiful views, and you can enjoy them without getting tanned. The town is full of charming tiny restaurants, bars and lounges where time seems to have frozen. Rent lounge chairs, paddle boats, or kayaks to explore outside your permitted area for one hour per half-day!—I truly like spending these magical hours under the stars discovering every hidden corner and seizing any opportunity that come my way. Your trip from Positano to Amalfi will be a blast! The experienced drivers will take you all the way along this coast, including stops at attractions like waterfalls and cliff jumping areas. If your family is courageous enough, let them try it; just be careful not to rush back so they don't miss any of their exciting side trips.

No matter the age group or the mood, it's ideal. Even kids like these activities because our fleet has a large number of Coast Guard-certified divers who educate passengers on safety precautions while creating waves that are smoother than before.

Alternatively, you can take this day to explore the coast by boat. You will find that there are tours available for all types of interests - from scenic views at sunset on beautiful islands like Capri or Amalfi Cathedral which houses one town's worth (or more!) churches in its modest size!

In any scenario, it's critical to keep in mind the place you're going as well as how we want our trip to be as much as possible. Is there anything I've discovered recently? Less can be effective at times. By the time the sun sets, the ferries will be back in Positano, allowing you to spend your final evening on the coast having dinner in one of Italy's most picturesque cities.

Day 2 in Amalfi Coast

It's almost time for your last day on the coast! Have a private driver drive you back to Naples, so that when it comes time take another train headed towards Florence. On this trip there will be one final stop before boarding again... Wake up early and enjoy some stunning views of Ravello - Italy’s most beautiful town.

Day 2 has arrived! Prepare yourselves for we're leaving behind all those bustling cities that are home to nothing but tourists like us, or perhaps even locals if they're fortunate enough not to have obligations during their holiday time. As soon as you reach the heart of Ravello, proceed to Villa Cimbrone and enjoy its magnificent gardens before capturing memorable pictures. With a portion of local food, you can take your eyes off the breathtaking view's infinite blue sea and add an extra touch of beauty. Explore some more for the rest of the day before it's time to leave!

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