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My Tour is one of the Italian leading tour operators, bringing you directly in the most famous and astonishing locations. Let us help you discover the most authentic views and flavors of this country. Italy is full of authentic and unforgettable places and if you want to save time and energies, then you are looking for our help! We have started this journey focusing on a specific mission. We wanted to give value to the inner beauty of the Italian landscape. A landscape made of faces and culture, traditions and history. Each time you select one of our tours, you are invited to take part in this ongoing spectacle.


My Tour in Italy

In the beginning, My tour was a small and passionate company located in the heart of the Chianti hills, between Tuscan villages and medieval fortresses, vineyards, spelled and barley fields. That is where we took inspiration for the years to come. Working hard year after year, we have achieved far bigger goals. Nowadays we are operating everywhere in Italy, being proud to spread what we love.

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Tourists from all over the world have chosen to get the best from their holidays exploring Italy with us. You can schedule your daily trips with months in advance, or you can opt for a last-minute booking. When you buy a tour with My Tour, you are choosing a true Italian experience. We select only the best tourist guides, known for their competencies and kindness, and we also seek for excellent partners regarding side activities, like eating or attending cooking classes.

The figures speak for themselves – in more than 10 years of experience operating in the tourism field, we have moved around Italy approximately 1 million people (more than 90.000 satisfied customers every year). Our team guides in different localeuages, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, French - are just the most requested ones.

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Do not hesitate, join My Tour to take the most of your holidays under the Italian sun! We offer truly unforgettable experiences tailored to our customers' needs 365 days a year. Comfort starts with our private buses, van, and minivan, which will bring you directly to the scene. Thanks to a friendly approach to teamwork, every day My Tour staff is committed to making your dreams come true.

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If you are looking for the perfect holiday in Italy, then you’ll need someone that takes you to discover the most beautiful cities as long as the wonders of Italy. Providing you with local Italian food specialties and side experiences is our further mission. Tastings, cooking classes, bike tours, Vespa tours, vintage cars, and motorcycles itineraries are part of our offering that will bring you to discover the hidden side of Italy.

Our tour guides have a deep knowledge of the territory we are operating in, due to the years passed creating the perfect itineraries for our customers. We are committed to offering the best because we have recognized that quality is really important. Bringing tourists to the best attractions and hidden spots, making their experiences so memorable, returns us a sense of great satisfaction. And that’s exactly why loyal customers have been choosing us over and over again.

Please remember that our day tours are often well designed and planned in detail so that you won’t have to stress out for anything. Keep calm and enjoy your visit – in case of doubts we are here to offer assistance. Thanks to our staff commitment, tourists from the United States, France, Spain, India, China, Brazil, Argentina – just to name a few, have been trusting us during these years.

Please remember that My tour operates everywhere in Italy! Really this country has much to offer to visitors who are looking to get the best of it. Italy is a very charming and romantic country, filled with picturesque villages, countryside, hills, mountains, lakes, and seaside getaways. Our itineraries range from the amazing city of Venice, a jewel waiting for you, to Sicily. You can also visit northern Italian lakes with charming villages, resorts, hiking trails, SPAs, and water activities. But there’s also much to discover in southern Italy - we guide you to the Amalfi Peninsula, one of the most spectacular Italian coastal scenery.

Art, history, nature and heritage, everything is handy. With My Tour, you won’t have to be concerned while being on holiday. Our itineraries are the easiest way to visit Italian cities without having to face the difficulties of driving and parking.

If you are already planning a trip, you should definitely travel to Italy! Check out our tour and blog pages to get advanced tips and decide what tour is fitting your needs, or contact us, if you need further help.

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