10 curiosities about Venice

10 curiosities about Venice

Oct 9, 2020

Venice is a great city, not only for the fact that it is now underwater but also because of the amount of art, culture, tradition and authenticity that represents the city. Venice is an intriguing city and there are plenty of interesting facts to know about it.

Have you ever been to Venice? If not, make up your mind and spend your next in this fabulous city. If you need help to explore the city better, we have the means! The curiosities that we are going to mention here, are what makes this great city greater. Keep reading.

1- Venice is built on logs

The underground of Venice is made of logs, chosen to be highly resistant to water (Alder tree logs) that were brought to Venice by other countries by boat. there may be millions of petrified logs, that were placed deep into the earth to make the base of Venice.

2- The city is made of 118 islands

The lagoon where Venice is located is a very large one. Only the city without its surroundings is made of 118 islands (most of them are too small). The islands are connected among them with around 400 bridges and 170 canals.

3- Venice was an independent republic for over 1,100 years

Back in its glorious days, Venice was called la serenissima and was an independent and powerful republic. We are talking between 697 and 1797 A.C .

4- Venetians are not happy with unsustainable tourism

Venice is among the most visited cities in the whole world! It is visited by over 20 million tourists per year and this fact is not that likable by the locals. Well, if you were them, you would probably feel the same too. Imagine crowds every day in the streets of your home town! It would take you way more time to go to work, right?

5- Locals are leaving Venice

The local population of Venice has decreased recently because most of the locals are leaving Venice due to the increasing cost of living and overcrowding of the city. There are about 55,000 residents in Venice and 30 years ago, the residents were 120,000. Experts mention that if the phenomenon continues, there will be no more full-time residents by 2030.

6- Venice is sinking

Yes, it is true. Analysis reveals that the city sinks approximately 1-2mm per year. This is because of the Adriatic plates that are lowering, above which stands Venice and also because of the continuous man-made water extraction that has happened in the last centuries.

7- The cost of living is significant

We mentioned it even before, it is one of the factors why locals are leaving the city. If you are visiting Venice as a tourist, you will notice that the prices are significantly higher than in other cities in Europe. A normal apartment in Venice can cost more than 1million euros. The prices are increasing mainly because of the city being a favorite tourist spot. Many of the buildings are bought to then convert to hotels, restaurants or tourist guided businesses.

8- ST Marks Campanile is one of the newest additions to Venice

St Marks Campanile is the most recognizable feature of Venice. The bell tower that we see today, was built in 1912 in the same place where the old one was. The first bell tower was ruined in 1902after the collapse, which was back then a significant event for Venice at the time, likely the result of a combination of unsuitable foundation, a history of damage from fires and earthquakes as well as the regular flooding of the square in which it stands.

9- Gondoliers are among the most well-paid workers in Venice

Now Venice has around 400 Gondoliers and each year the number goes up by 3 or 4 new gondoliers every day. To become a gondolier now, you need a professional license. The candidates must have good knowledge of boating as well as Venetian History and Landmarks. This was the most common profession in the 17th century and it was handed down from father to son. The normal salary of a gondolier is 100,000 euros.

10- There is only one female gondolier

In 2010, a gondolier license was given to a female, Giorgia Boscolo, the daughter of a gondolier. Since then, she is still the only female boating a gondola. The profession was only preferred by males for a thousand years.

Most instagrammable places in Venice

where to take photos in Venice

While being in Venice, try to get the best memories with you. If you are planing a 3-day-trip to Venice, here are our suggestions. If you have some more time to spend, you shouldn’t miss visiting the best spots in the Veneto region. This city amazed people from all around the world and it has been a favorite destination for a long time. The Grand Canal, the gondolas, the narrow streets, the museums, the churches, and other attractions in the city will make your trip unforgettable.

Make sure you shoot some photos while in your journey in if you are looking for places to take Instagram worthy photos, consider the following.

  • St. Mark Square – The cathedral, the bell tower
  • The Grand Canal
  • The narrow streets of Venice
  • The bridges above the tight canals
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