"When it will
be possible to return
to travel safely,
we will be the
first to do it..."



Dear customer, partner, supplier, here at My Tour we have suspended online reservations until June 1, 2020. We have decided it acknowledging the special Covid-19 health emergency decrees coming from the Italian government.
First of all, we want to express sincere closeness to the health staff, the police forces, to all those workers whose commitment is mandatory to keep the essential production chains alive.

Then, we want to be close to all those customers who have planned tours and excursions with us that have been canceled. As a general rule, our cancellation policy has got the maximum flexibility, to meet the end customer needs.
We have always done it with the utmost transparency towards intermediaries and suppliers, in order to give as soon as possible refunds to those entitled.

Whenever it will be possible to return to travel safely, we will be the first to do it. We’ll do it implementing all the necessary precautions to ensure maximum peace of mind for people.

In the end, we are happy to get in touch with travel agents, hotel and accommodation managers, holiday planners - to begin scheduling the re-start right now.
In the meantime, we are moving forward. Our digital department and the whole My Tour team are working at full speed to allow us to start again with new energy and new ideas. We are active daily on our social media channels developing #Mytourforitaly project.
Through daily live video streaming on Facebook and YouTube, we are telling people how wonderful is Italy. In the same way, we continue to improve our general service and enrich the product offering for the 2020/21 season.

Finally, we want to thank all the guides and conductors at My Tour. During these times, they are always online with us, entertaining our public with their knowledge and their experience regarding Italy.

These days My Tour is like a ship with the hold full of products and services, anchored at the port and ready to leave. We’d like to thank all those who are working to bring us to sail new seas.


Mirko Righi,
Mirko Righi, My Tour in Italy General Manager

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